Tuesday, 28 May 2013

carnival comes to town

So OK. You probably know by now if you have been visiting here for the last 7 1/2 weeks, that I've been on a virtual adventure in an online class called Mermaid Circus which is available to join til the end of August, at which time the class will evaporate into the ether. There has been a lot of talk amongst this happy crowd about resurrecting it, or something like it or something altogether different but the same in energy. I have never witnessed or been a part of an online experience such as this. The cup has certainly runneth over.

So inspired are we classmates, that many of us have discovered or resurrected our own creative energy. I include myself as you may remember how at odds I've been with my muse. So, though the circus is still not my "thang" LOL, I ran away this morning to "join" it, or more correctly "enjoy" it as we discovered a carnival had come to town.

Of course, carnivals don't really come to life until evening, so I got to see this world from a different point of view

Going midmorning meant a more surreal perspective as I got to watch the "carnies"
 fine-tuning the rides.

Workers everywhere

This fellow thought he recognized me from last year, but how can that be?
I've always wanted to meet my doppelganger

Of course there's no better excuse for pumping up the saturation of colour
than the stands at a Midway

I've had a lifelong love affair with kitsch
Take kitsch and mix it up with reflection as this popstand window offers
and that makes me very happy
The Bowler Roller

How about an elephant ride?
The Carousel
Cool Kamikazi Light Bulb Shadows
The Ferris Wheel

The Zipper Backlit

I loved both these shots so you get 2 for the price of one:
The Zipper facing into the Sun
 Hamburgers Fries Poutine
Poutine (pronounced pooTEEN) is a Quebec delicacy that has swept Canada consisting of homefries (now French fried potatoes) layered with cheese curds (now shredded cheese) and gravy (now out of a package). Delicious either way, naughty either way.
And finally, WATER
The mermaids are going to get a good dose of this. One of the things our teacher have encouraged us to do is to use our own resources, even photocopying past favourite paintings of ours to incorporate into our collages. Why has this never occurred to me before?
As you can see the weather has been gorgeous, so it's been a hard day to sit indoors and colour correct pictures, but all worth while in the end for now I can refer to my own work, not forgetting that there are many many artists who have created for the circus/carnival. These rides and toys and booths didn't come out of nowhere!
Happy Day


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

great kitschy stuff: almost airbrush quality

good to see the juices are flowing

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks B. Totally fun!

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