Thursday, 16 May 2013

testing my colours

It's been rainy, a little cooler and even a forecast of frost by the end of the weekend, a holiday weekend albeit a little early for Queen Victoria's May 24th birthday. She must be very  old by now.
But this afternoon was beautiful!

I've told you about the wonderful spent mushroom compost we got for the garden. Many bags of it are still stored in our garage where they are producing more mushrooms than we can eat. One evening earlier this week, I asked Wally to take a bowl out to the garage and fill it. He came back saying:

"Is 3 enough?"
Wally knows I don't want him to lop off this fabulous rhubarb flower.
Here's a progress shot.
And how about this Gorgeous Flower with the funny little twisting shoot
 coming up in its corner at 7 o'clock?  Yes, another of the millions of dandelion shots taken in the world today.

And another picture of our precious Harelson apple blossoms with drops of rain caught in their petals.
Lately I've been bogging down creatively as I watch the amazing work coming out of the online class I've been taking for the last 6 weeks. It's hard to believe so much time has passed and still I float around, learning heaps but not applying much save those few drawings I posted here last month.
Finally, I realized that I need a place other than the kitchen table (which I've loved working at so much) one where I don't have to clean up every night for supper.  Turns out I have such a space, about as large as a walk-in closet, which needed a good shovelling out. Instead of waiting for its turn at renovation, I started moving things about and ...VOILA!
What a surprise I got today when I opened my new box of Prismacolors and found that there was not one tray which I thought was a lot!  Not 2 which I thought was great! But 3!  So I start sharpening them with the little metal sharpener provided, watching Teesha Moore and her amazing art journals, and wouldn't you know, I started getting blisters by the end of tray #1.  Well, this isn't the kind of thing that daunts me (not like making art) so I decided to practise my ambidextrous skills (of which I have none) and stumble through almost the 2nd tray. That's when I stood up and saw I had a 4th!! tray of Prismacolor pencils!  Lately I feel that life is conspiring to give me everything and more than I ever wanted.  Sometimes I am quite overwhelmed by my good fortune. Case in point:  
Look at this view!

Testing my colours
Thank you for checking what's new with me.  I'm sure one day soon I'll be back creating  now that I have this lovely studio to work, I mean play in.
Peace and Love to all
that we may live happily together and work toward a happier planet


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

the garden and all the flowers are beautiful

was it a surprise to see what came up or did you know from before?

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

We knew the rhubarb and the dandelions and the forget-me-nots were coming. Oh yes and the lilacs and the neighbours cherry tree. Still, it's always a surprise somehow that they're blooming as if just for us, but that's flowers; they're going to bloom anyway :)

Tammie Lee said...

growing your own mushrooms! that is fab.
your view is dreamy wonderful~
i finally got an electric pencil sharpener for my prismacolors, it works great. let me know if you want the brand.

so lovely to see all of your photographs and to meet you through your blog.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Tammie Lee, I so appreciate your offer. I've taken to sharpening my pencils only as I need them to let my fingers heal LOL. And the mushrooms, yes! I went to the garage to pick some for stir fry last night.
I've come to see your lovely blog and pleased to meet you too!

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

I use a knife, gets the point I want and doesn't hurt my wrist

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

That's a great idea Barbara.

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