Wednesday, 30 September 2015

amazing september

It's already been 10 days since I took these pictures

on a quiet Sunday morning, marveling the creative technology and expanse
 that this spider web covered
with an expansive view over the hayfield out back

the tomatoes ripen slowly, the way they are supposed to
The next day we headed off to Halifax where I amused myself,
taking photos from the car as Wally drove
First stop was a restoration salvage store that we so enjoyed
These are flanges that sit behind a door handle

and these, of course, are old handle sets

flanges with key holes for a more complicated door handle
Odd that the best of my photos were door handles when there was so much else to see,
but I must admit that we were on the fly and stacked windows and doors don't make for great shots.

On our way downtown we got a glimpse of the new library
Just beyond is the old Nova Scotia Technical College, remarkably pillared,
now named the Medjuck Architecture Building. Note all the bicycles parked to the left,
which explains how some deal with the lack of parking.
We were on our way to a favourite stop, a letterpress shop called Inkwell
which I have no pictures of though they are easy to find online.
You may recall the pictures I took last summer when we made this same trip and the view across from Inkwell was a giant hole in the ground that is now filled with tons of steel.
There was no time to stop at this other favourite stop, Black Market Boutique,
a feast of colour import shop

and just beyond this crazy pizza hut with its upstairs outdoor dining,
incongruously place next to a yoga centre
Halifax has some lovely rowhouses on the way to my

doctor's office! The view was a nice distraction as we waited 45! minutes for my check-up
with the threatening sign that we would be charged $40 for arriving late.
Thankfully I had my little camera to keep me amused. I didn't realize that I had taken this picture

and going"
Downtown Halifax is full of O-o-ld buildings like this flying buttressed gothic church
To get to the Nova Scotia Designers Craft Council ( try saying that 3 times fast)-which turned out to be closed,- we had to drive behind the old train station, that is hidden behind the trees and is outsized by the enormous Westin hotel.
As we approached the old pier that now houses the craft council shop as well as Pier 21 ( the old immigration centre) as well as a huge farmer's market and brewery, we were Wowed! by the impressive size of not one, but 2 gigantic cruise liners

looming behind the brown building, this magnificent ship

the Holland America

Well, try to find free parking downtown during rush hour,
we found a meter and watched the starlings as we ate our picnic lunch in the car.

I get a kick out of these perky little birds.
After a pleasant trip to our favourite art supply store, we ventured out
as the rush hour diminished, passing this neighbourhood of funky second hand shops

People still wending their way home
Looks like black and white is in
That is what was on my mind, having been struck by Vincent Van Gogh's desire for a blacker black when he was learning lithography.  I have only 100+ pages to go in my 800+ page biography that I've been slowly consuming all summer.
Wally bought me 2 black pencils, a Derwent, and a Koh-I-Noor Progresso, and mixed media sketchbook  to reward me for being such a good girl at the doctor's office.
 I drew this in the car on the way home
I will have more of my latest artwork to share with you tomorrow.
Til then, a sweet end to an amazing September.
holding peace in our hearts


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