Monday, 21 September 2015

trippin' to Mahone Bay

As I mentioned the other day, we were fitting in another adventure on a fine Saturday, with intentions of making it down to the sea. This is a snippet of our day away.
Stopping at several yard sales chewed up a lot of our afternoon. This lovely peachy barn sat across the street from one, not far from the sea. In fact I think it was in Chester Grant.
Barn door

We stopped at an old time fish and chips diner, but never went in
 because the view and the seagulls seemed infinitely more interesting.

This bird was very calm, probably hoping for a potato fry

So calm that she started grooming
A funky shot from my slow exposure
Ready for take-off
After a big feed of fries, the birds hung out waiting for more

I felt sad for them. Someone ought to bring them some fish if anything.

Still it made for some fine photo "ops"

This girl so similar to the first one I photographed

but her eye colour and beak are different. (At least I think it's a girl.)

There were many gulls about
but my girl and I kept finding each other
Mahone Bay has got to be the prettiest fishing village of all.
This is the view of where we drove into town.
from the opposite side of this little channel
The bay is more likely to be filled with sailboats and recreation boats than fishing boats
as this beautiful town has become a quintessential tourist destination.
Retirees must come up with discreet ways of discouraging confused shoppers.

I was quite taken with how closely this jade coloured car came to matching the mint house.
an unusual fence
While there were many pretty shops and houses

I'm always taken with what I would call local folk art;
the unintentional charm of handmade signs
Just down the street some excavators took out an old building
and found some dangerous artifacts to share with passers by.

They also managed to save a fabulously huge elm
As one nears the end of town, real life takes over,
the world of the local people and their working boats
My eye always wanders to some wonderful "artifacts", just taken for granted.
This is much larger and heavier than it looks so we didn't wander off with it.
Our day didn't end here. I'll have more vignettes to share another day.
A happy Solstice as we officially slip into Fall.


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