Friday, 18 September 2015

fishing town tours

Oh, once it's in your blood, watch out! 
The Travel Bug!
Last Saturday we went to Harbourville 

where I gathered large scallop shells for my sister-in-law

while Wally took picture from the safety of the wharf

Then, on Sunday, after the morning with the deer (see last post)
we ran away to Margaretville, an old fishing town on the Bay of Fundy.
There's always going to be someone with a funky style of decorating.
These old buoys hanging from a tree like lanterns made me wonder
 if they weren't actually wired to light up.
An old house, probably a fisherman's once.

More old houses,
reshingled and dressed up, now that there is some tourism here
The turn toward the wharf
and along the road, asters amid the rose hips
worth a closer shot
The wharf on a Sunday
The damage and lack of boats suggested a lack of fishermen here

The view of the shore coming awfully close to the church,
the creeks spilling out of the cliffs

The old timbers of the damaged wharf
The Margaretville Lighthouse
It seems to sit on private land
as there was no road leading to it.
So we ate our picnic lunch in the spray at a picnic table and enjoyed the view.
This deceptively low house was really the top floor of a two storey house

a shed being reclaimed by nature
The post office
a charming cottage appeared to be the manse to the church next door
I call this Mint Gables

And here is my brother-in-law helping Wally to turn back along the lonely road to Morden that we gave up on, so badly rutted from the rain.

The view of the Annapolis Valley as we came back into "civilization".
I am hustling to post these pictures on a Friday evening because I'm hoping to have another run-away day tomorrow in which I'll have more fun pictures to share with you.
A weekend in September... the traditional time of my parents' holidays, when we'd run off to Algonquin Park and commune with nature. Surely the sweetest time of year.
I hope you enjoy the weekend my dears .


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