Friday, 25 September 2015

Lunenburg on a Saturday evening

As I promised earlier this week, I have more pictures from our Saturday outing to the South Shore:
The quintessential fishing village turned tourist destination-

We parked the car beside the friendliest seafood chef who was sitting in his car before work.
 We chatted while I changed into my comfortable walking shoes. That set the tone.
There were so many beautiful little houses to see.
Always colourful

Between the houses I could look down onto the Bluenose II that was docked, taking on visitors.

 This was a good vantage to get the view across the sheltered harbour.

A most beautiful bride and groom came towards us. "Congratulations!" I called.
A special visit for me with Marrie Berkelaar, a talented weaver who owns the Double Whale shop on a steep corner.  Her seagrass baskets that I fell in love with when I first visited her 2 years ago were still there, still hugely inspiring to me. She won't sell them but encourages me to make my own.
Once the home of John Henry Kaulbach, sheriff,  a study in symmetry, built for him around 1608
a tender rose blooming between houses requires a sniff of its heavenly perfume 

a natty local pedestrian on an evening walk
an exquisite orange gladiolus set perfectly against its complementary colour
a magnificent piece of architecture
with a surprise over the door

This 1830 beauty on the corner of King Street
Note the colour of the building across the street

Here it is closer up, and then the bold green at the end of the block

where our natty pedestrian passes by.
This building houses the restaurant, Cilantro (appropriately coloured), as well as
"The Mariner King Inn" with "Candy Apple Suites" according to the sign

We reach the wharf where a friendly gentleman explained his knots to us

Then went to retrieve the knot he threw to demonstrate the use of one of them.
A dory, a traditional fishing boat with the masts of the Bluenose II behind it.  Built in 1963 as copy of the original Bluenose that was built in 1921,  the Bluenose was a fishing schooner that became famous for racing other schooners in its hey day.
The Bluenose II is a magnificent boat; unfortunately my pictures don't do it justice.
A friendly passerby offered to take our picture, our first together since we moved to Nova Scotia 3 years ago this past August.  It is only our  fourth trip to Lunenburg, always on the fly at the end of the day as we always get caught up in Mahone Bay or Chester along the way.
Afterward, I moved in closer on the Bluenose II , it's lovely gold scrolling, its sails rolled down,
and more sails rolled to the prow
Wally cautioned me about the fog moving in, that we must keep moving
Signed a fin whale bone, this seems to be a skull.
The red marine museum was closed, but the restaurant at the wharf side of it was bustling.

As I turned I saw a cormorant on a harbour marker
The Cape Sable docked here in Lunenburg, the wind bringing the fog in
blocking out the sun

The Cormorant Ness Monster 

a working boat docked on this Saturday evening

Four Masts and a Street Lamp 

Fog filling the harbour

A pretty garden at the end of the wharf
Across the street, a pretty building that Wally identified as the washrooms
as apparently I'm not the best sign reader, admiring it for its charm.
We decide to take a short walk along a pathway that naturally extended along the water

wild apples growing alongside
a view of the harbour from this end
and the pleasant walk back 

where we found a lovely corner lot house that is beautiful from every angle
As we left the downtown we admired an unusual front porch on this house that shows the typical hills of these coastal towns

The entrance of this Tudor-like building that houses The Knot Pub

And one more quant charmer as we drive by,  before my camera battery died.

And that's all, I'm afraid of this amazing tourist destination, full of wonderful shops and galleries,
and, of course, fabulous ships and houses and scenery and people, and amazingly only 1 1/2 hours from home, Definitely worth the trip.
Next time, our visit to Halifax.
Oh, and pictures. I've been drawing and painting a lot lately.
a lovely last weekend of September to you.


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