Sunday, 11 October 2015

autumn transit

I hope this Thanksgiving weekend finds you well and appreciating the blessings of life.
The chill is in the air here and brings a kind of snuggly feeling. I must find a new book to cuddle up with now that I've finally finished my 800+ page summer reading of Vincent Van Gogh's life.

I've been entertaining the idea of cutting up my drawings to reconceive them as collages.
I folded both of these for the bin or shopping lists, but reconsidered,
 cutting them out one evening last week. They haven't moved to the gluing down stage yet.
Then, yesterday, we went for an afternoon drive and this came out of my pencils.
The combination of poor long distance vision and Vincent's influence manifested in this funky piece.
My sister suggested "like Monet" as well, as he had cataracts that affected his painting.
sending you my appreciation for your visit.
peace my friend


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