Saturday, 3 October 2015

gentle surprises

Ah, the morning has passed as I prepared these pictures to share with you

and a gloomy one it was, too, the fall colours starting

I spent yesterday allowing this to unfold from my coloured pencils and watercolour pencils with no agenda- except for the bird in the flower- happy to be led into Fairy Wisdom.
They seem surprised, don't they?
like Muji was the other day

and Babu, who I came upon this morning, having his after-breakfast-wash-up

He was happy to greet me
by throwing himself onto his back
and beckoning me for some attention
the soul of love
Muji has returned to his favourite chair- Wally's-
by the heat pump now that the weather has cooled.
let all our surprises be gentle,
present to the nature of life,
and being. 


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