Saturday, 17 October 2015

last evening's sky

Beginning where I left off last night, the aftermath of yesterday's rain as the sun sets behind the great old ash at the front of our driveway.

As seen through the vestibule door, reflections and all, we are finally seeing some leaf fall.

Wally called me to see the view as colour filled the sky.
Though I couldn't capture the colour in the southeastern sky,
 the "sweetlight" was enriching the colours everywhere else, as the sun set 

The northeastern sky had colour too that I couldn't capture over our newly trimmed maple hedges,
 the top of our neighbour's house beyond.

a vignette in this same window
The glow in the southern sky is waning now

as I catch a few parting shots
at dusk
Some details from some watercolours
that show merit in themselves and emulate last night's evening sky.
have a lovely weekend
look for the beauty; it's everywhere


Bill and dogs said...

Very nice. You have an eye for beauty.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Bill. How kind of you to say so and join my site. I'm tickled :)

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