Friday, 16 October 2015

friday, dear friday

I'm relieved somehow that it is Friday.
Not that I have a typical work week; it's just a psychological thing that it is somehow an ending, a passing of some difficult processing. It's all good.

It's been a gorgeous week

The colours are deepening
I love the view to the southeast past the perimeter of the hayfield.
Here is Forget-Me-Not Cabin in context. You can see our neglected little garden with the concrete sheep statue by the tomatoes near the bottom of the picture.
Today it began to rain just as I prepared to do some yard work
so I committed my little drawing, that I cut out last week,
 to collaging it over a watercolour background
Each were "throwaways" in my mind til I brought them together,
"the whole greater than the sum of the parts"
with a little patience we come through even the most difficult times
finding calm in that centre that is the eye of the storm


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