Saturday, 26 November 2016

deer in the hayfield

Good Morning on this quiet Saturday.

In fact it has been a quiet week, spent stitching.
On Wednesday I spied this young deer, one of the fawns in the hayfield.

Just beyond him I could see his mother.

My pictures are blown up from poor shots to begin with, my little camera smaller than a playing card.

She remained like this for quite a while, certainly enough time for me to compose myself and steady my hand against the window. Ah well, better than nothing at all. It's a thrill every time to see these beautiful wild animals in their element.

And here are my "boys" in theirs. They were in a charming embrace when I went to get my camera.
But this is how I found them when I came back. "What?" they seem to ask.
Again, my little camera has trouble with the low light, but still worth a shot.

Considering a subject for a new embroidered piece, I doodle with my Japanese calligraphy pen that is set up with a cartridge like a fountain pen and gives an amazing fine line, the nib treacherous to soft paper- i.e. very sharp.

have a lovely last weekend to November
keeping peace in our hearts and intentions


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