Tuesday, 22 November 2016

this november day

A damp and dreary November thus far, and the thermometer is heading down.

This is what 3:30 in the afternoon looks like out my kitchen window today.
The ocean damp goes right through us regardless of our layered winter clothing.
Snow was forecast for last night and today but it never made it.

Nonetheless, Wally has put up our Christmas lights outside.
Muji took an avid interest as Wally investigated a broken connection because of a burnt out bulb,
but I mislaid the camera long enough to miss a cute shot of them together.
Doesn't take away from Muji's cuteness though.

I continue with my embroidery and patchwork applique,
another brooch finished.

The tiny stitches comfort me. I used to be a "broad stroke" girl. I liked to finish a project quickly and get onto the next. Nowadays I'm satisfied with a 2 or 3 day relationship with the piece I'm working on.  Shows to go we do change with age.

Like so many people I've heard in the past, there is a comfort with the self that comes with ageing. My relationship with myself is more substantial than it used to be in my youth when the outside world ( some call it "the real world" but we know that's not true) mattered more.

breathe into the moment
the only reality we truly have


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

sweet little piece, glad to hear it pleases you

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

thanks B. You'll be starting the One of a Kind show in Toronto this morning. Best of Luck!

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