Sunday, 13 November 2016

the second week of november

At 6:22 a.m. EST on Monday, the moon will be at its closest orbital approach to Earth by about 30,000 miles than it will for another 18 years. Tonight's our best chance to see a supermoon for a long time. Good luck with cloud cover!

Last week I wandered out into the garden a few days after Wally cleaned up the old tomatoes and cucumbers, leaving this bit of stalky broccoli and kale.

Even though the Broccoli has gone to flower, we still use it in our juicing.

Suddenly some ducks flew by heading Southwest.

The hydrangea take on their fall wardrobe

The Lavender still blooming

a few days later we had a morning vistor

Then two

a blurry flutter into the little apple tree

for a bit of a perch

the other on the ground

turning a corner

cocking its head

pecking for grubs

and a final pose

later in the day, the long afternoon shadows with a bit of golden colour left

Wally managed to scrape together a 4 day long weekend around the provincial holiday of Remembrance Day and began by culling the last of our multi-coloured carrots. Muji did inspection.

Poor Muji had a rough week with alkaline crystals in his urine after a one and half year reprieve.
I blame myself for allowing him access to the Dracaena plant we brought in as well as an overzealous dosing for a week of cilantro based on Babu's symptoms. Sheesh! This kitty just can't do greens. I'm sorry I made a guinea pig of him in my assumption that if one cat has something, the other does. Big mistake. But Muji is back on track, and so is Babu for that matter. Thankfully. We live and learn.

Remembrance Day brought a storm front in from the west

But as ominous as it looked, we only had a brief shower

Muji gives a high five

and finally, an embroidered patch in pinks and pale blues

I was on a roll through September and October.  November has had other distractions including colds for both Wally and me. Hopefully I'll get back on track soon as my head is bubbling with ideas.

peace on earth


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