Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Daily project 2012: day four

I'm not really one for rules and regulations, and don't get me started on deadlines (there's something wrong with that word.)  But I certainly understand why they're necessary for getting things done.  I suppose it would all seem more real if I had to cover my seedlings before a night's frost or get my cake out of the oven before it dried out, or worse, burned.  You can see how I struggle with this Daily Project already by how late I get my daily blog posted.  Yet the irony is I love the results of actually making my daily project;   I haven't produced like this for myself for a long long time.  It's clear to me how I've got deadlines confused with work when they can be quite exciting things to meet.  Isn't it something like a racehorse that wants to run?  Perhaps they don't realize there's a finish line, but they want to run nonetheless.  Putting myself in this race with the clock has been laughable as my kitchen gets tidier and tidier as if sitting down to the project where some kind of punishment.

But I only have to sit quietly with my little doll,  my muse,  and it doesn't take long before I'm willing to pick up a pencil.   Today was going to be fabric collage day.  I have some beautiful textiles all picked out and ready to go,  but as it was the end of the day,  only a pencil would do.


Day Four done on a lovely unbleached acid free paper with a mechanical pencil 

I haven't told you about one of my new year's resoloutions,  but I see this deadline issue of mine as yet another reason that I remember it and share it with you.  This is a tough one as it isn't nearly as easy to keep as the daily project.  It is this:   that I be present with every moment that presents itself, not indulging in past fears, however they might present themselves ( for they sneak in in many ways as regrets, insecurities, old wounds, etc...) 

The miraculous exists in every moment; I want to be there when it happens!



I love this:

"The miraculous exists in every moment; I want to be there when it happens!

I think this is what I am also desiring with my goal of creating a Celebration Shrine to Celebrate Now, to be present in the moment, to choose my attitude, to be response able.

I am also participating in the project every day.

Your sketch is really good. You captured your dolls expression beautifully.

Your post about buying and then anticipating your doll have really inspired me. I am getting a doll in the mail too from a dear friend...I don't want to say to much as I want to let my idea steep.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

How lovely to hear from you again so soon Cosmic Arcata with your kindred thoughts and feelings. This is proving to be a special time for us, an uplifting of energy that is already attracting other wonderful things to us.

Letting one's ideas steep is huge. I think that is where the real "work" is done.

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

i missed the part that might have said where you got the little guy from (because it doesn't look like the original two from way back)?

more pictures please

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

This is an older doll than the ones our parents brought back from New York City those many years ago. There is some more history on this project in my December 29th post:

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