Thursday, 5 January 2012

Daily project 2012: day five


With just moments before midnight,  work is well started on today's project.   It was inevitable that I start an overly ambitious project that cannot be completed in one day.  It looks like it will be a 2, if not 3 day process to complete this embroidery.  My original intention was that if I was to get hooked into a longer project, I would still post smaller ones to fulfill my 365 day promise to myself.  It looks like this good intention will have to be set aside and that there will not actually be 365 individual pieces by year's end.  Oh well, the daily habit of being creative is still being met, and that is what matters after all :)

A child was born today named Solace.  Solace is a place of peace.


Snail Cloth said...

I came to see what you did...and you reminded me that I need to keep drawing in my sketchbook. I am doing five minute drawings. I am really studying art through an art text book to gain a more art appreciation.

I will check back when you finish.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

How appreciative I am of your daily viewing Snail Cloth. The daily drawing is a muscle we must exercise, and yet there is still so much I want to do daily as well! Thank you for cheering me on.

Anonymous said...

I like the name Solace....very fitting :o)


Enchanted Blue Planet said...

You know, Connie, I was thinking that very thing!

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