Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Daily project 2012: day three

Again it is late in the day or rather the evening, but I am pleased with today's work and so

better late than not at all...

Outlined in black oil pastel and coloured with acrylic polymer emulsion: day three

I couldn't resist showing it on this wonderful old ledger,  the same one that yesterday's "Day Two" project is in.  I am so pleased with all the viewers I've had in the last day and encourage you to leave a comment as it encourages one not to work in a complete vacuum.  Perhaps you might have a name for my inspiration doll instead of calling him my Daily Project.  Nothing has come to me yet.  Also, I am open to your suggestions for ways to interpret this doll.  I am only just getting my feet wet on day three, and though I have quite a few ideas so far, I know I don't have 365!



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