Monday, 2 January 2012

Daily Project 2012: day two

I find myself posting at the end of the day again.  A day goes so fast lately.   I hope you are feeling encouraged as we slip into the new year with all its promise and potential.  It's been interesting  for me to see Day Two of my daily project come to fruition, a new bud on the vine so to speak.  I can see the myriad of possibilities before me, and I am realizing the inevitable growth that can come of this exercise.  Just drawing the same doll over and over will certainly improve my technical skills and observation.  But what I am most eager to see is how the doll projects will evolve into a more interpretative style which I am long overdue at realizing.  As I heard Oprah Winfrey say today, " If you want to step out of your past you have to put intention into the moment."

My Christmas doll;  he charms me so.


Today's pencil drawing begun in an old ledger book.


And the finished drawing with a watercolour wash.    Day Two.

It is lovely when someone drops by to have a look at what I'm doing, leaves a comment and decides to become a follower.  Thank you  Cosmic Arcata for your thoughtful comments and blog.  After following several links I realize many of us have caught the Daily Project bug.  It seems to have a different cachet from an every day commitment that is done for one's own good, a discipline.  There is a certain joy in the air as one feels the creativity bubbling all about.  As Oprah said so beautifully,
"You are defined by the moment and by the hope and the light you bring to this moment."

Pleasant Dreams


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year my friend. I have read your blog before, but I have just re-read it all again. What a beautiful book it would make. What wonderful pictures it would contain and your words with them are so positive and inspiring...WoW.... I went to buy some milk this morning at the corner convenience store and as I dug into my coat pocket for change, I went thru the hole, that has been there for awhile and has recently become larger, and to my delight, not only did I pull out nickels, pennies and quarters, but also a magetic bracelet that I had presummed lost. And I said to the cashier what a wonderful find. Looks like this new year will be a year of finding new treasures. Thanks to your blog I am looking forward to a new year of discoveries. Keep up the good work and thanks of sharing.


Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Great to hear from you Connie. That's just the kind of story I love to hear, especially the part about finding something you thought you'd lost. Thank you for your kind words old friend.

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