Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Daily Project 2012: day seven, twelve days later

Twelve days later.  100 posts so far.  With this, 101.
I watch the days slip away like wild creatures  ripping pages off my calendar.
Where's my broom?  I must chase those rascals away.

It has taken this long to regain my composure.  Two weeks ago I was invited to join my old high school chum on a trip to Costa Rica and the floor fell out from under me.

I have travelled before, always with friends or family, but never to so exotic a place.  Not even on my radar as a destination, I thought Costa Rica was an island in the Caribbean Sea.  But it is a small country located between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America on the Isthmus of Panama, with coasts on the Caribbean and the Pacific.  It has the highest percentage of land designated as National Park in the world.  It is the land of rain forests, volcanoes, 4 kinds of monkeys, sloths, sea turtles and a population that prides itself on its pacifism and friendliness.

I realize now that my wording could be misconstrued to mean I've already gone and returned.  But that's how excited I've been, the anticipation and prepartations robbing me of sleep and the other normal stuff of life. Getting my passport photo alone took  nine!! attempts!

In the meantime...

I had what I consider to be a "normal" day, embroidering between housecleaning, both of which act as satisfying counterpoints to each other.

and I played with my new camera, a lower-priced, what-if-I-lose-it-in-Costa-Rica digital camera. Well I guess they're all digitals now. 

I'm afraid this is all the daily project that I have to show for these last 12 days of my absence.  I've plucked out the stitching for the original head, realizing it was proportionally too small, and redid it in a slightly darker colour.  Yes, I'm saving the face for last.  There is a certain wear and tear on the stitching in the course of handling this project, and as I intend to sew the face in with a finer thread than the embroidery floss I am using, I am saving the best, so to speak, for last.

My partner in crime

This  has been a labour of love, this project, and has sidled out many of the other creative ideas I wish to do.  But it has been so rewarding to see a body of work build up, even one so small.  It is an interesting discipline considering it is juxtaposed with a no refined sugar diet I have put myself on.  I am re-teaching myself to look for sweetness in my life in other ways.

Thank you most kindly for your many visits, as the stats on my blog dashboard indicate. Thank you also to new follower Stefanie Seltner who is also working on a daily project.

Here's to Sweetness in our Life


Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Wow, that must have been an adventure....a trip to Costa Rica! Oh, what a great image....those calendar pages flying through the air, caught on the breeze and in tree branches. That must be where mine have gone! Your year is off to some surprise starts, that's for sure!!! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about your trip!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Oh Patti, by the time I came back to amend this post you had already left your comment, and I realized how I had not explained myself well enough, so thanks to you, I hope I've made it clear that the trip is still in the offing.
Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for me; I am certainly off balance, and wonder if I'll ever be the same again after this experience to come.

I so enjoy you blogging your process, my sister in art, and alway look forward to seeing what's new with you!

Stone Tree Studio said...

I love the photos of the globe on your post... I am so excited for you, I often dream of a trip to Costa Rica! I feel badly I haven't been checking in on blogger in quite a while, so I've missed many of your posts. Keep up your creative adventures, we love hearing of them. Take care!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

I've missed you too Elise. Your work is astounding and I send you my best wishes for your creative energy too! So much to do, so little time....

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