Sunday, 18 May 2014

Babu helps me dust

Another balmy spring day here. A lovely Victoria Day long weekend.
Soon I will have springtime pictures to share, but first a few catch-up pictures from the time my access to my blog posts was thwarted by "technical difficulties".

Here we have Babu who, unexpectedly, decided to help me dust.

He really gets into it!

But, as we all know, housekeeping can be a tiresome job

It's not everyone's taste

try as we might 

Dust cloths, especially this static microfiber kind,  leave  something to be desired.."nyuk... feh"

what Muji has to put up with..."sheesh"

Tomorrow, more recent pictures from around the house,
and Yes, I am creating again. Soon to share.

staying present in the miracle of existence


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