Saturday, 17 May 2014

sleeping kitties

We're having the loveliest spring here in the Annapolis Valley. I hear it's not quite so lovely back in my home province of Ontario. Surely the rain has to end there some time soon.
Speaking of water, there is so much that has "passed under the bridge", considering I took these pictures back in late April. I'm having to use a new Browser in order to upload these to my blog. How dreary technical difficulties are. But at least this process is working for now.

Here are my 2 boys hanging out with me that day while I used the light from the stairwell window to take pictures. Bo-o-oring.

Muji turned from that funny position in the previous shot as i came in closer.

Babu was totally out

and never moved a whisker

Later the same day, Muji found the paper wrapping, in which my sister wrapped a gift for me,
 for a little nest.

Tomorrow, some more catch up pictures to share.


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