Thursday, 15 May 2014

Peggy's Cove part 2

Hello again.
I never meant to be so long away, but due to technical difficulties...
Trust Wally to figure them out for me (when I finally could pin him down), so with no further ado, as they say...
"Jewellery, Gifts, Art & Collectables" says the sign on this lovely yellow house,
but unfortunately they were closed

Newer houses are being built in this quaint village

Across the quiet bay, er, I mean cove, the houses scattered like seashells

The wild sea beyond this sheltered bay

a sea bird, so much like a loon, takes advantage of the calmer water to do some fishing

My sister gives scale to the massive waves crashing on shore in the beyond

whalebone (?) and an old metal crock make a seaside vignette 

and I turn and see the quintessential lighthouse of Peggy's Cove

We approach it, precariously balanced on this windswept south eastern shore of Nova Scotia

The rock on which it is perched is swept bare of any earth or plants

except for the occasional grasses or lichen that take hold I-don't-know-how

These monoliths reach like giant hands into the sea 

The surf comes pounding in

Wally waits for e to catch up by this relatively small lighthouse with the giant reputation

The thunder of the waves crashing beats a constant rhythm

The tide rolls in with defiance

and crashes

and again even higher

It is a hypnotic thing to wait for the next one

knowing there will be a great resounding of water and rock

and again with one in the distance winding up

It became a game to guess which wave would make a greater splash

and on it went as we watched the tide come rolling in

a funny cliche of a picture that Wally has taken of me and Barbara,
but a great souvenir of our moment in historical touring together

Now that I am back in business, so to speak, I will try to get some posts up that I have been saving for these last few weeks with some surprises, least of all, for me that I would like to share

with my best wishes for your well-being and good spirits


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