Thursday, 22 May 2014

fleeting beauty

A friend recently asked me what my garden looks like.

Out front by one of the big ash trees, the forget-me-nots flourish under our odd maple hedges.

Out back under the "hedge" of trees and lilacs, I left more to bloom in the lawn

Forget-me-nots come in both white and blue 

Their little star centres are a subtle part of their appeal

To the left of the deck stairs is a small perennial garden. I recognize the lavender in the bottom right, but do you think I can remember what the rest of them are called?

Ah, to the right of the steps I certainly do recognize the lemon thyme, chives and sage

The vegetable garden is Wally's, where he has over-wintered some bushes and perennials, 
but here this prickly-leafed poppy has seeded itself.

Here Wally has put in clematis and the round leafed hollyhocks to grow up the trellis on the homemade composter he made from shipping palettes.

On the deck, petunias wait with their sister plants to be potted.

The neighbour's giant cherry tree is a mass of blooms. 

Below it, a beautiful flowering bush of salmon coloured blossoms.

of which I also don't know the name. They have a more orange tinge than I could capture. 

In parting, a romantic shot of my beloved forget-me-nots.

Tomorrow, I will share some of my latest artwork.
In the meantime, I will try to get out in this fleeting, beauteous time of year.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

your spring looks lovely.
hollyhocks are my favourite cottage flower

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