Sunday, 15 November 2015

all in a golden afternoon

Quiet days and the drear of rain and cold

Babu watches the fluttering leaves
the fallen leaves reveal more of the view beyond- a Christmas tree farm perhaps?
Babu's profile, like a million black cats before him 

Ah, but he is unique for as many reasons
gratified, satisfied 

Muji too

Muji proceeds to have a bath

cat style
the next day, late in the afternoon we get a break 

The November trees beyond the old shed and the crooked birdhouse pole
I spy something orange in a corner of one of our gardens and
A-ha! the Japanese Lanterns that I planted from seed last fall found a foothold
It's rare now that I get involved with planting, but the Lanterns I found growing on an abandoned lot captivated me, remembering the from my childhood, so I took a chance breaking open the dried orange pods and scattering seeds in different places at home here that needed colour

Next to them, these giant leaves of my "prehistoric" plant (that sends yellow flowers that scroll out from a large pod)for which I've been unable to find the name
Snapdragons are still blooming in another garden and beside them...

the Goji bush that Wally gave a brushcut about a month ago.
Four Goji berries reveal themselves. We love to eat them dried when they are sweeter.
a richly coloured leaf just below 

I wander over to the vegetable garden where Wally planted garlic three days ago
and see the red chard we still have sprouting
Wally propped a palette up with a branch to keep the deer from digging up the yard,
but I think it's some other creature that is uprooting patches of grass in search of grubs
and what's that I see?
a house or two on the other side of the ravine!
and then the view from the other side of the cabin between the spent honeysuckle and our woodshed.
You can see I've been clearing the back somewhat for what I hope will be a haven to read or even have a meal next summer, perhaps with some patio stones laid out in the evening shade of the cabin.

There are many dried blooms on the hydrangea

It is cold and I hurry back into the house, spying this leaf caught in the steps
Babu looks calmly back out at me through the window

I made "lemonade" out of this poorly shot picture
that I love of the hayfield in this rare bit of sun.
Tomorrow I hope the picture I made on Friday will be ready to share.
It may very well be our duty to keep a peaceful heart, both for ourselves and the world.
It may be the most courageous thing we can do. 



Bill and dogs said...

Wonderful photography!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Bill ! How kind of you. I've been enjoying yours too :)

Jess said...

This is such a beautiful time of year. I seem to appreciate it more each passing year. Babu and Muji are so beautiful as are all your photos, such wonderful colour. Wishing you and everyone a peaceful heart. xx

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Jess, and to you too, my dear, for the loving kindness you bring with everything you do.

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