Tuesday, 3 November 2015

everything's ducky

Such a dreary day. November.
Some folks are taking advantage of the damp day to burn brush across the ravine.

I'm camping out in our kitchen with Muji up from his morning nap.

Two Muscovy Ducks from memory
Watercolour with watercolour pencil outline
We went to one of our favourite places where one can come alongside the Gaspereau River in a deep ravine.  It is a most beautiful place in autumn, reminiscent of the wilds of Muskoka, a place we miss most in the winter and fall (but not bug season). As Wally walked down to the water he saw two Muscovy ducks preening themselves, so friendly that they followed him back to the car looking for handouts. Concerned for their safety, I went down to the water and influenced them to come waddling back to its safety. That's where we left them, still preening.
We often ask each other what our favourite part of the day was. That was a no-brainer with this unique encounter.  I highly recommend slowing down, taking the time, owning these precious moments.


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