Tuesday, 24 November 2015

what to do when it rains

We've had a good hit of weather in the way of wind and rain, and the temperature climbed to almost 60 F. but too blustery and damp to take advantage of. So I stayed indoors and painted.

On Sunday, Wally took apart our old skeleton key lock.
I was afraid we might have to replace the dear old thing with a modern deadbolt.
Muji and Babu watched us through the vestibule door.
Don't have a heart attack Babu!

There was a bit of an old broken key that Wally found inside but that wasn't the problem.

I've got to give Wally credit for figuring the darn thing out and

fixing it!
 Apart from all that, we'd also been using the wrong key for these last 3 years.
Wally found another one, the right one,
and now we don't have to body check the door to get it closed.
While it rained yesterday, I distracted myself with this drawing/painting of a Queen Anne doll

Queen Anne doll detail
black coloured pencil and watercolour
on Canson 7x10" 98lb. mixed media paper
You can see the play with salt while the watercolour was wet in the background,
a fun trick for interesting texture.
Can you believe it is already the last Tuesday of the month?
Let's make it a sweet one.


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