Friday, 6 November 2015

grey november

Good afternoon from my part of the world on yet another classically dreary November day.
It's good to remember what joy there is to be found in life and not let the overcast sky colour our day.

Yesterday morning I asked Wally to grab the camera for a rare group shot of me and our cats as Babu decided to jump up and join Muji and me, a rare thing indeed.  I had the "cat apron" on (that used to be my pottery apron), the one that I always wear when I hold Muji as he sheds just to look at him.

I forget how tiny they are until they're next to this massive human being.

Wally' efforts to get their attention was quite funny as Wally can be such a sober kind of guy.
(In fact, Wally made me laugh several times yesterday. His timing and insights were spot on.)
Soon after, Babu was on the other side of the table checking things out.
a watercolour in my Canson mixed media (98 lb. paper) sketchbook that I did in early September
that I doctored up today with my Faber-Castelli watercolour pencils
and my new favourite pencil, Derwent black 
 only this moment
Only Now
and now
and now
stay centred, present with this,
this moment
where you are most
as "you" are least. 



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