Friday, 20 November 2015


"Curiouser and curiouser"
It seems my time is playing elastic band with my memory again as some things that happened long ago seem like yesterday, and vice versa.
For instance, it's been so long that I thought I'd never seen a red squirrel before, til my friend reminded me that this little guy in our driveway had cousins in our attic in Muskoka many years ago.
The picture I hoped to show you on Monday is pretty much done today.
Black coloured pencil and watercolours from my Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box by Sakura.

"Alice was beginning to get very tired" (detail)

"and this time it vanished quite slowly beginning with the end of the tail and ending with the grin"

Muji wakening from a long nap
 You may enjoy this recording of John Gielgud reading from Alice in Wonderland as I have, though you may have to listen very closely as the sound is so low.
sweet dreams to you,  both the waking and sleeping kind
staying present to the wonder in this moment


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