Sunday, 1 November 2015


October quite wore us out preparing for November...

I found Babu cuddling Muji in his sleep 

My dear little boys
When I came back soon after,  they had recomposed
Muji so dear as he sleeps
While Wally was at work, I stepped out to take a few pictures, this of some clematis seed heads

After lunch, my 3 guys napping
The aftermath of phase one of our back hedge trimming the morning after
I do so love the muted colour this time of year, even richer on this drizzly 1st day of November.
 We can see the hayfield now, and more so when we get back to it on Wally's day off.  Wally had me lay the brush on our vegetable patch to help kill off weeds for next spring. You can see I didn't get them all as we had to dash off to get some Arnica for Wally's shoulder before the health food store closed.
This little bunny is prepared for more rain.
Derwent black and Faber-Castell watercolour pencils
Centred on this precious moment
Thank you for dropping by


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