Tuesday, 26 January 2016

afternoon drive

Wrapping up this final week of January, the cabin fever has set in and I yearn to get out and away.
The few sunny days have been a relief.

we headed out late Sunday afternoon and returned

to this
a perfect ending to a lovely drive out
Wally wanted free run eggs from the pretty little  farm we love in the Gaspereau Valley.
We saw so many sweet homes along the way that this will have to be a two part post.
We started by going through farmland to get to the Gaspereau Valley by way of Belcher Street.
  This home on Belcher, for all its charm, looks abandoned.

Here's a shy girl, hiding behind her shrubbery and spruce on the main road in Greenwich, also looking vacated because of its unshovelled walkways, though the driveway is ploughed.
This gorgeous home in Greenwich almost qualifies as Federalist Colonial because of its symmetry and gorgeous front portico. Check out that magnificent chimney! The large addition at the back makes this a grand living space.

loving this sweetheart of a gazebo style corner porch of this Dutch Colonial

Here's a coming and going set of shots of a gorgeous Colonial Revival house
in Wolfville that I long to call Saltbox except that I now know that it cannot be called that without the back of the house tapering to one floor.  It could easily called Georgian Colonial because of its symmetry, especially indicated by those 2 grand chimneys and centred main entrance.

This beauty in Wolfville is for sale and seems to be a Four Square if bay windows and the expansion near the back are allowed in the definition, so I'll call it Four Square Revival.
The large dormer with its Mission style cap and the amazing colonnade that creates its portico with widow's walk above are creative embellishments that add to the grandeur of this wonderful building. 

Here's a  Sweetheart of a house with a fabulous side extension- or was that always meant to be? 
It adds just the right balance to make the entrance centred.
Now we have turned up Gaspereau Valley Road and are travelling south with those long shadows indicating just how late in the day it is.
It's a little hard to capture the magic of the Gaspereau Valley from a moving vehicle. Please forgive my blurry shots.  Here we pass some vineyards.
More vineyards on the other side of the road as we approach town

We turn west into the sun towards our destination
The barn/cabin that serves the "Farm Market"
"Please Serve Yourself"- an charming shop magnified tenfold because it is based on the honour system for payment with a tin can by the door. Doesn't that warm your heart?
A couple of windows to the left (not shown) lend a view into the barn where the animals rest.
 I have so many more pictures to share tomorrow of the sweetest creatures.
til then...



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