Friday, 15 January 2016

January- however

And here we are at the end of week 2!

We've kept a low profile, but that doesn't mean we haven't had fun.
For Christmas and New Year's Eve we brought out our new plates to dine in the living room at the old oak table and watch movies on the larger screen.

January is usually a slow month of trying to regroup, but this year I kept up the momentum and painted, and though the Christmas tree is still up and the general clutter holds reign over our household, I'm not fazed as we've been so productive in other areas.

the young maple out back amid the honeysuckle

Wally comes home to the usual assortment of snowblowing or fixing things. On Friday last week he came home to the dryer laying on its side in the middle of the kitchen floor. "What happened?" were his first words.  I left it there after failing to retrieve the bone folder that I'd dropped down the lint trap. Not only did he find it, but 3 decades worth of lint clinging to every part of it. No wonder he has a morbid fear of house fires caused by dryers.

Next the hose on the washing machine needs replacing and that gave us the opportunity to find the source of the doggy smell that was coming from the machine. I hold people who are capable of fixing things in high regard, and as I scurried about cleaning the floor while he fiddled with the hose, I felt grateful for Wally's capabilities (as well as saving the cost of a serviceman, or worse: a complete replacement.)

So that's a bit of how January is going. Two beautiful snows were completely obliterated by wind and rain last Sunday and within days another healthy dump of the beautiful white stuff as seen here late one morning.

The cats are doing well

Muji gets a bath

and then Babu does
Sometimes I find myself wandering around the house wondering where the cats are. They're usually in predictable places. Muji loves Wally's chair, for instance, where the heat from the heat pump blows on him, and he's very disoriented when Wally usurps what Muji thinks is his chair. After all he's in it the most.  One day I was stumped as to where Babu might be. And then I found him...
I had stuffed the baskets so he would stay out of them.

How do cats manage to turn around in such small spaces??
Babu has been particularly happy with his Christmas penguin
and does a good job batting around the room
playing hide and seek with it- as cats will do- until it goes AWOL under a piece of furniture
Late afternoon yesterday the sun already setting, casting a rosy glow

and this morning, the sun too brilliant to go without sunglasses

I swear I saw two white moths chasing each other like winter fairies- amazing
And didn't Wally walk in on his afternoon off this week with a package in his hand
 and a funny look on his face.
The mail had just arrived and he, bewitched, couldn't resist giving me a belated Christmas present- that had taken the last month and a half to come all the way from Japan-
as an early birthday present: a Platinum Carbon Ink fountain pen

I've been practising with it.
It's a very fine line pen, very reactive to the texture of my mixed media paper (which I show here enlarged)  needing a slow hand with a light touch, not my comfort zone, but worth learning.

a parting shot of Muji with his zillion year old eyes,
 the depth of the Universe in them.
peace, ever peace in our hearts,
that we may see clearly



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