Thursday, 21 January 2016

cradled for the Pre-Shrunk show

Greetings on this cold and grey January afternoon.
A couple of light snowfalls this week, a bright sunny day yesterday, and now some random flakes are floating about.

I have just been given permission to post pictures of my 4"x5" watercolours that will be for sale tomorrow at Argyle Fine Art's Pre-Shrunk Show in Halifax, January 22- February 13.
(You can click on each of the following pictures for a larger version.)



Preparing and finishing work are the secret thieves of time when it comes to creative work.
This was the first time I'd mounted paper onto board.
Mounting A Finished Watercolour Onto Board- Cradling
1. I used a thin piece of 4"x 6" piece of plywood that Wally had to cut an inch off for the unusual measurements of 4"x 5".  
2. I sanded the edges, then gessoed, sanded and painted the edges and a little over the front of the board, the latter because despite my best efforts, the paper and the board didn't quite match.
3. I brushed acrylic gel medium onto the board and weighted the paper down with books overnight. (My paper was too small and heavy to bother with using a brayer to get any bubbles out; in fact, using the brayer only helped to slide the paper around, but I would use it in future for a larger piece of paper.)
4. Once dry, I used a sharp blade to trim the bit of overlapping paper using the edge of the plywood as a guideline.
5. Sure enough, I shaved a little of the plywood off and had to touch it up in places with more acrylic paint.
6. Then, I  used the time saved from not having to travel to Halifax on Saturday (because of the blizzard) to do a third coat of spray (so as not to disturb the paint) matte varnish over top.
7. At the last minute, Sunday morning, I decided to paint the somewhat rough back with acrylic paint to stain the wood and create a somewhat more finished look
8. onto which I double-sided taped handwritten labels to each.
The days that passed in this process added up to many more than the day it took to paint each one. What a short memory I have for that lesson in life. This reminds me of my father's lesson in irony: " By the time (sic) you learn to hang the wallpaper, 25 years pass and you have to learn it all over again."
wishing you a pleasant wind-up to your week
and, hopefully, some time to set aside for some creative pursuit


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

I love that they have a setting/context; it tells a more complete story

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you, B.

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