Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Sheep May Gently Gaze

A dreary day today with a welcome thaw, but still cold because of the Nova Scotia damp in the air.
I'm delighted to share these photos I promised you yesterday of "the sweetest creatures" on our trip to the Farm Market on Sunday. 

These two dear sheep kept each other company under a tree still strung with Christmas lights.
This girl stood alone as if she was on her way to greet the others.
She kept a steady gaze.
It's always easy to love a friendly animal
and this sweet girl was very forthcoming
 This pair were more shy but willing to follow the leader into the shelter
This pleasant girl fairly glowed in pink from the reflection off the painted siding.
chewing her cud
As I peered around the edge of the shelter where the path stopped, I could barely see with the sun so low and bright.  There I caught sight of the donkey who was shy and peered back at me around this post before heading to the furthest corner, out of sight.
The scene was idyllic.
The chickens so comfortable around the sheep
cud chewing
cud chewing with a rooster
each of these girls is pregnant with spring lambs
They seem content
an early baby, already quite large
As the rest of the girls moved in I noticed the ewe on the right
Yes, a ewe (not "an ewe") with lovely curling horns. I could tell because she, too, was very pregnant.
She appears to be bleating, but for all I know she was simply smelling the air. I was too absorbed to remember hearing "the song of her people".
She was one of the friendly girls who came up to me before moving on into the shelter.
Inside the shop there were 2 windows through which to view the creatures in the barn.
This chicken knows a good thing when she sees it and hopped on board.
This vision of gentleness couldn't take her eyes off me.
Now I could see Maisy's name tag (most of the others are only numbered) and learned that she was born in 2013. Probably a spring lamb herself, she'll be almost 3 years old soon. She was tolerant of her hitchhiker but didn't like it when the brown hen on the lower right started pecking at her.
Brown hens are notoriously friendly though. No harm meant.
Here a curious sheep inspects the eggs.
It was cold enough to justify going home though I am always somewhat reluctant to leave this place.
With the sun behind us, we head back into Gaspereau

passing houses and barns close by the road as is so common out here.

Heading out of town again

the setting sun making a tangled lacework of the trees.
Thank you for coming along with me.



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