Monday, 18 January 2016

feeling January

It's late on a sunny Monday afternoon as I write this
with a beautiful view towards the South Mountain that rims the Annapolis Valley
but on Saturday it snowed
all day- a beautiful seriously proper

the contrast of ocean pebbles
and shells on the window ledge
looking out past my paper snowflakes to the old ash outside
the classic comfort of hot chocolate

from a ridiculously old tin that I finally delved into when my fresh supply ran out
and guess what- it was still good!
Muji (with a boo-boo on his lip that is healing well) takes my chair to keep me company

Babu, who would normally run and hide, knows his "Daddy"
Babu does his impression of an apostrophe
and finally, in today's late afternoon sunlight,
a sampling of the small format paintings that I've been working on.
This piece needs further work so I thought I'd use this a "Before" shot.
I am not allowed to show the 3 little paintings that were accepted into the Argyle Gallery's Pre-Shrunk show until after the opening on January 22, at which point I will be sure to share them with you. The trick, however, was how was I going to get them to Halifax as the forecast went from bad to worse for Saturday our only travelling day since last Wednesday when we had the last storm and also couldn't/wouldn't travel. While we were having our blizzard, Halifax had a forecast of freezing rain and ice pellets. I could see us skidding down the downtown hills and into the gallery. 
Adriana, the gallery owner, advised that I send them by bus. I'd never done that before, and thus began the research. Well the bus only makes a courtesy stop in our town where I couldn't pay until the next stop. The next stop (the next town)-a bus terminal- is closed on weekends- what?- so we found our way to Wolfville on Sunday to a mini mart buried deep in the back of the University, and "made the bus in seconds flat" (thank you Lennon and McCartney). We were quite giddy about the timing and releasing my paintings into the world for the first time since leaving Muskoka.

winter can be a drag, or an adventure, or a dreamy wonderland
I hope those of my viewers who are experiencing it are enjoying it in any regard.
Thank you again for "tuning" in.
kindness first


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

that's a lot of snow.
what happened to Muji?
and how did the show come about? (congratulations on getting out there!)

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

I don't know.
I've been considering it each year for the last 3. Finally got my act together.
thank-you; it's a start.

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