Friday, 22 January 2016

winter settles in

Good Friday Morning.

I didn't think I'd do another post this week, but then I was surprised to see my work already displayed on Thursday at the Argyle Fine Art Gallery Pre-Shrunk Show.  I thought I'd share their way of presenting it.  I was also surprised to see more than the "up to 5 pieces" exceeded by some artists. I'll know for next time.

My 3 pieces sit at the top, left of the black and white horned animals.
To get a better reference, you can see them in yesterday's post. Also, you can click on the picture to see the whole wall. All pieces are priced at $175 with 50% of a sale going to the artist.
This is my first show in 4 1/2 years, having gone "underground" -except for about a year and a half on etsy ( I really must do something about that shop)  and this blog, of course, which rarely gets much more than 20 views per post. An audience makes all the difference to an artist, and I thank you most humbly for caring to come back to visit me here. There is enormous satisfaction in working alone, the making, but when the thing is done, what does one do with it?  Having you see it is gratifying.  I have tried to unteach myself my concern with sales so that I could come back to the joy of creating with no strings attached. I could not have done this without Wally's support and the intensive work I've done to re-programme my conditioning in a world that values money and status and belonging. I've had to step outside the loop in so many ways as I've educated myself about my personal values, clarifying the waters so to speak. It isn't always easy.
my right hand
I find the more reclusive I am, the more I appreciate the "little" things, which are, in fact, enormous.

This is the brush I've used exclusively over the past year. I learned a little while ago to keep things looser in my paintings by not using too fine a brush.
In the meantime... Winter continues to do her sultry dance.
 Across the ravine I could see snow squalls.
Eventually they moved towards us, picking up first in the hayfield 
and then blowing a jagged line off one edge of the garage roof
I find it calming to look out on this weathery drama from the warmth and security of the house. I've always loved winter for its austere beauty and the temporary island we become, so wonderful for watching old movies, curling up with a book, making a soup or doing something creative. You can tell I'm not the sporty type :)
Have a lovely weekend, whatever the weather affords you.



barbara@sparrowavenue said...

looks like an excellent show with good company.

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