Tuesday, 9 May 2017

a tuesday in may

The rains of April have finally come, and this week is proving to be a soggy one.

But there is some respite from it all and certainly the valley is coming along in her spring regalia

It is a sweet middle time between bare branches and full dress code

One of our little spring gardens is blooming.

Wally calls this Mary and Joseph, a plant from his childhood

It blooms pink and blue and mixed pink and blue blossoms

Daffodils are always a treat

I love their frilly centres

and the Forget-Me-Nots are blooming!

That means no mowing of the lawn for at least another week

I'd forgotten that they start off pink, doing a reasonable job of faking a Mary and Joseph

And the Cherry tree!

The neighbour's cherry tree leans into our yard .
From this slant you can see the petals backlit by the morning sun
(and the other side of Forget-Me-Not Cabin) as we look to the east

I will always think of Leona and her wish to go to Japan in spring when the cherry blossoms bloom 

Looking down the hill at Wally's garden that he dug out on the last weekend of April

The little peach tree to the south side of it is loaded with blossoms
How will it ever stand the weight of this year's peaches? It looks like there will be 4 times as many peaches as last year when it bent almost to breaking

Looking back up the hill at the cherry tree.

Just below it is a flowering bush that I still don't know the name of, here it's blossoms still furled.

Alongside the south end of Forget-Me-Not Cabin the gopher or (Wally thought) a skunk has dug up a good chunk of lawn looking for grubs. The palettes that made the deer barrier have fallen over.

As I walk to the other side of the cabin, I spy the raven

He sees me too and ponders what to do

the solution

Not much later, in the front of the garage, two thirsty crows come to have a drink

One preens while the other walks off with what appears to be a leaf


It's moments like this when I have good vantage that I regret my puny camera

I try to bump out the shadows

I  try for a sepia effect

The crow appears to dance. Soon they're gone.

I come back to the kitchen table for an impromptu visit with Babu

who gives me meaningful looks as he requests some attention


Some table rubbing

and some monkeying around

some sniffing

and some more monkeying around

He manages to pull the placemat closer to him

to have a sniff

and a taste

I pull the placemat back but that doesn't faze

my earnest boy


Jeanne-Sylvie said...

Being surrrounded by nature is such a gift and your pictures are a true homage to its beauty and liveliness. The light is vibrant , i can nearly feel the soft warmth of the sun!I love the japanese feel of your little garden with the stumps!
The cherry blossoms are a pure delight and your close ups of forget-me-nots are gorgeous. Funny detail, in normandy the daffodils are long gone but the forget-me-not is just blooming.
I was looking at your pictures of crows and couldn't help thinking they would be perfect models for a series of watercolor paintings because each photo tells a story: the crow with a leaf in its beack seems to have something important to do; the dancing crow is having a good time partying alone, there is defenitely a lot of inspiration in these photos. I love the color sepia and its ancient feel!

Babu making his show is so cute and obviously he doen't mind being photographed, too busy with the placemate and the pencil. You capture your cats expressions so well !!
Your lovely pictures end my day with joy and softness, thank you for that my dear Lorraine. Take care.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Jeanne Sylvie, you are too kind! You always make my day with your joyous comments.

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