Thursday, 18 May 2017

springtime selection

Hello again and thanks for dropping in.
The heat has come and we haven't begun to switch over to our summer wardrobe so that is something I'll have to do today.

I have a smattering of photos from the last week that have little to do with each other, but the week is wearing on so I thought I'd throw a few together for you.

We've had some rain, which is always welcome, making for some fascinating skies

here, over a shopping mall parking lot

I asked Wally to stop once more so I could get this shot

Back home that same evening we'd had no rain.
the forget-me-nots under the old ash tree

I continue to see the raven out back, mated pairs of robins, starlings, blue jays, sparrows and of course, the crows. I even saw a young deer challenge the raven in the field one evening, scaring him off, poor guy. Yet he returns daily for a forage or two in the field.

One morning I ran for my camera just in time to take one shot of this gorgeous male pheasant as he traversed the space between the cabin and the treed perimeter, just where the old shed used to stand.

Muji and I had a love session on another morning. He loves to hug.

He loves to rub my chin and give little love bites, but I've learned what's coming- so I duck him

As I said, just a disparate selection of pictures to share today, this one from my cookbook shelf

I regret that I still don't have any new artwork to share.
This is the little Gainsborough copy I made in watercolour that you may recognize from last year.
It floats around the house and has settled here on the Quebec hutch.

Thank you, as always, for visiting. In the heat of the day, I have closed up the house, curtains and windows, to keep the cool inside which means I just may make it into the studio (and hang a load of laundry).

let's have a lovely day!


Jeanne-Sylvie said...

It is always such a pleasure to discover your pictures!! I don't know what i would give for a hug like the one Muji gives you!!
Your lovely copy of Gainsborough is a master piece and its mute colours match perfectly well with the colours of the dishes. This photo is a true eye candy!!
I hope the heat won't be too exhausting,
be well my dear

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

If you could stand a hairy hug with hair in your eyelashes and up your nose, I would send Muji over to you for sweet hugs. He is a lover.

The heat has passed, thank you, but it will be back soon enough. Thank you for your sweet compliments. So kind.

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