Friday, 12 May 2017

flowers and noisy neighbours

Greetings dear ones at this lovely week's end.
It has been a quiet week for me, a busy one for Wally. And the Raven?

Well, what a time he is having with the crows as they gang up on him.
Still he manages to come over to his favoured feeding ground behind our house

and duck the crows as they aerial raid him.
The amount of dive bombing was becoming obsessive so I went out to investigate
and the crows scattered.

With the drama apparently over, I amused myself in the garden for a while,
here with the peach blossoms, Forget-Me-Not Cabin in the background

A berry bush, possibly blueberry, is blooming

The Cherry Tree is having a riot of blossoms

so fabulous up close

The Harelson Apple tree is budding

In the lawn, raspberries have seeded themselves

and what this mystery plant is in the lawn I don't know
though I do recognize the wild sorrel and plantain that have crowded out our grass

Every year a few wild roses grow in the lawn despite our mowing them,
such thorny things with the tiniest unscented rose flowers you ever saw

The Rhubarb is coming along in the far corner of the cabin

and out back of the cabin, the giant wild rose threatens to take over.
This is where I photographed the song sparrow the other day.

I went back indoors when I noticed more kafuffle with the crows

and returned to sit out back of the cabin and record what was going on.
But as you can see by that lone dot in the sky it was too far to capture any detail 

That wasn't the end of it, however, as this crow grew tired of the altercation
and came back across the field to rest in this tree behind the big wild rose
This unhappy bird with the hollow warble surprised me when I enlarge my photographs turning out to be a blue jay, our screechers!
It was every bit as upset with the crow as the crows are with the raven

and did its best to harass this crow that was too indifferent to join its mates across the field
harassing the raven.

The blue jay would fly at the crow

and then rest in the tree behind him, making that hollow warbling sound

a tight turn

then back again

too close for comfort this time

I have to admit the opportunity to photograph all these flight formations

is partly why I'm showing you so many pictures

Eventually its mate gave the little guy on the right a break and tried her had at this, for them,
serious game

Finally the crow flew off and all I got was this "adieu" from the jay

So now I could look around me: Creeping Charlie everywhere. It's ruining our grass.
It's gorgeous violet colour you can see in the last photo of today's post, but for some reason, my camera hates violet up close.

The pretty forget-me-nots spread right into the field

I love their old fashioned simplicity

And what's this? Pink ones! Up close of course.
In reality a blossom is smaller than the size of a petal in this enlargement

I'll leave you here. Wally is home for a few days and has started his holiday with a cold, poor guy.
He's nursing a ginger, honey and lemon tea for his sore throat as I write this, so I'll carry on with my duties. A pleasant weekend to you.

kindness first


Jeanne-Sylvie said...

There is so much explosion of life and energy to observe in the country side. Your pictures of the crow and the jay are a fantastic report; looking at the wings of the joy on your different photos is a delight!!
I had a nice walk in your garden too and i like how you show all the details your eyes capture among nature.It is refreshing for the soul as well as beautiful to look at.Thanks for all this!
Be well and happy my dear!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

So kind Jeanne-Sylvie. Aren't the wings of the jay marvelous! They will make good material for copying.
Thanks for your appreciative visits, and your kind wishes, returned in kind :)

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