Wednesday, 10 May 2017

birds and more birds

Just a  little update on the raven and the crow.
While I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, I suspect that having a hungry raven in the neighbourhood doesn't bode well for little crow nestlings.

Mr. Raven just appears to be rummaging through last year's hay that remained after baling.

There seems to be lots of little things to eat underneath for he has returned each day, morning and evening for an inspection.

He has very good eyesight and can often see me move behind my window. So he's good at gauging the crow dives and making himself big to keep the crow at bay.

The crow was determined this day and did several successions of double dives, looping down and up,
then down and up again.

How's a raven, minding his own business, to have a peaceful breakfast?

Again with the diving

and, oh dear, again.

The raven was getting very practised at returning to his foraging after each crow swoop
as he immediately gathered himself

but, really! This odd photo looks like the raven began to fly but it's probably a hop

Here he just ducks

I've kept these photos sequential, but you can tell by this edited amount that this business went on for a while

The raven was getting tired of the whole thing

and eventually gave up and flew off

All this drama and there's Muji behind me patiently waiting for breakfast.

I couldn't leave you with such a story without something more uplifting,
so I got out my trusty (?) camera, and headed out for the garden,
but not before taking another shot of this revamped vignette that I've changed since Monday.

Out the back door Forget-Me-Nots are blooming by the composter

New leaves on the Japanese maple are looking rather raggedy before they plump up,
rather like newborn birds, all scraggly

In back of the garage, Wally replanted the wandering Goji Berry bush that gave us a nice little crop last year, but needed an arbour out of harms way so we thought this might do.

Out by the back corner there are more forget-me-nots under the maples

I kept hearing birdsong rather close by

and was surprised to see this bold little song sparrow in the old wild rose vines


and singing a merry melody

As I walked through the yard I found some white Forget-Me-Nots

under the white blossoms of the cherry tree

a starling sang to me

then more came and went

here is a happy foursome that can't wait to plunder the cherries as they do each year
I'm so tickle I caught one about to land, feet first. 

And that is all for now.
I keep hoping to have something creative to share with you soon.

til then
peace in our hearts


Jeanne-Sylvie said...

Poor raven who can't have a quiet breakfast!! Observing wild life is such a privilege and i am so glad that you share all these photos!!
The still life vignette is so fresh with those green apples and just some red ones! Still life is truly an interesting exercise.
Thank you for all you share on this blog my dear, it is such a pleasure to visit you here. Take care.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

It makes some kind of sense to be acknowledged when one does these sorts of blogs, blurry photos and all. There is so much going on in my small sphere that I want to share and I so appreciate the confirmation of like minds. Thanks so much dear for visiting and affirming my intentions.

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