Tuesday, 2 May 2017

last saturday in april

Good Morning! It's a cool rainy morning and the world has gone Emerald! Are we in Ireland?
No, but it sure is good to see again. Top of the Marnin' to ye!

Wally and I set off on Saturday afternoon for Greenwood, land of my favourite health food store and found ourselves in search of the mythical chainsaw blade file.

The skies were unusually creepy

I don't know what it is about living so close to the ocean

Maybe it's just normal to have multiple cloud layers going every which way

but it always unnerves and fascinates me

The farmland was greening up

crops were coming up

a succession of barns and out buildings

the three siloed farm I've shown you before

a fabulous brush heap from clearing the fields that looks very much like a hobbit house

Most of my shots were blurry on this low light day from a moving car, but I particularly liked this one of a rolling country road

Just before we got off the highway at Kingston, the land turned to scrub,
with a wild beauty all its own

Little houses like this are not unusual out here

When we got to Canadian Tire, one of Canada's oldest hardware and automotive suppliers,
I left Wally to go search for his chainsaw file

while I enjoyed myself photographing this chocolate and caramel wonder

I've always been attracted to this vintage of automobile

which appears to be from 1947 from my research

The Grill of these cars are definitely animation fodder

the nameplate and the figure of Mercury are better than jewellery to me

Even the locking mechanism, key in, is a deco delight

I went in to search for Wally.  He couldn't find his file until we realized the place for it was empty so we carried on to Canada's other hardware store, Home Hardware, where Wally found the long slender "round not triangular" file he needed. We picked up our order at Valley Natural Foods and headed off down the slow road home.

It was a beautiful evening but it wasn't til we got to the top of Prospect Avenue in a quiet cul de sac of newer houses that we came into this magnificent evening light. Look carefully and you can see the robin that I didn't know was there until it sang as I took a picture of these trees.

Wonderful warbling

but it got shy as I approached

I turned and immediately behind me was this glorious view

With this lovely elm holding the highlighted clouds like a mantle. Spectacular!

Deeper into the quiet neighbourhood, the hill began to descend giving a view to the south I couldn't quite capture

As we came down the hill into the older neighbourhood we came upon this 1940's sweetheart

I had to capture this view of  Cape Blomidon, the headland that caps off the North Mountain, and marks the turn into the Minas Basin from the Bay of Fundy. You can see what a steep slope this Prospect Avenue takes as the end of it takes us almost down to sea level.  These are the kind of hills that have turned us off from bike riding.

We take the next street over to a familiar mid century modern house we've always admired.

and then it's home to the SSE view beyond Forget-Me-Not Cabin dressed in her new roof.
The amazingly strong garbage collectors took away our heavy bags of old shingles on Monday morning that Wally says will be used for repaving roads- amazing. Amazing that they took them and amazing that they can be recycled. I'm so grateful.

I've been neglecting my artwork so I'll try to have something to share next time.

til then
peace in our hearts


Jeanne-Sylvie said...

Hello dear, it feels so good to read your lovely chronicle and look at your pictures. The skies with a dramatic feel are so beautiful, and the golden light on the trees with a little bird singing in the branches, pure bliss! The vintage car is a piece of art with the beautiful metal details, especially the figure and the name plate. It was another era! I love the beautiful barns too, so different from the ones here. We have very little beautiful ones, most of them are ugly. The ancient ones made of wood and clay were beautiful but they are very rare and most of the time they fall into ruins alas.
I send you my best thoughts my dear, be well.

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

lovely images as usual; nice find with the Mercury

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you, as always, Jeanne Sylvie, for your considered and considerate comments. It never occurred to me, but of course it makes sense that ancient barns would be made of wood with clay to patch holes. I am fascinated by old architecture. My best wishes to you as well, dear, with this generous season to inspire.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Barbara. How nice for you to "drop by". Yes, the Mercury. I really ought to take advantage of all the vintage car sightings I find. They are always a yummy delight in design- especially chocolate and caramel.

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