Wednesday, 9 June 2010

All kinds of learning curves this week, and wouldn't you know, they're all related to not listening to my intuition. What a handy little tool the intuition is; makes me think of my friend who once said, "You have the tools; now pick them up" or even better, when commenting on a client who hadn't taken his medication, "Next time I must write on the bottle 'works best when taken'."

That said, I can't bring myself to show the botched up job I've made of my embroidery from Saturday's post. Doll #3 is not doing so well either; he's looking a little lumpy, a little under the weather I guess. So we're all taking a little break.

Patience. Patience and Compassion. Practising this on oneself is one form of filling the well. When our well is full, we can then give these things to others. This is one of the many sacred circles: action and consequence. Yes, being patient and compassionate is a form of action.

Here are some watercolours I did in May on pages from an old childrens' textbook.


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