Wednesday, 2 June 2010

It rained again today. That means the mosquitoes hovered around all the sheltered areas outside our house, which includes the doorways, so that I was assaulted by these diligent little sentries each time I escorted our old dog out for a pee. I'm one of those people who consider bug season more reason to stay indoors than winter blizzards. Ah, for a good old wintry blast... in due time of course. It's too nice to see our little vegetable garden coming into its own, and hear the warblers and wrens and ravens and owls in the forest.

Do you find yourself feeling plugged in to the universe sometimes? I marvel at the choices that intuition and imagination offer. When we're in the right "space" we tap into other wavelengths, so it's really not co-incidence when we experience synchronicity or universal consciousness, but something we've attracted to ourselves. I've been doing collage, incorporating sewing into it, for many years. I'm so pleased to see collage making a resurgence in everything from illustration to animation. This is an art form that really speaks to me perhaps because it seems so close to child's play.

Here is a piece I completed today in one of my old-fashioned moods. I hope you find comfort in something or someone you care about today.


Elise Muller said...

gorgeous new mixed-media piece - I LOVE IT!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Oh, Elise, thanks so much.

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

well, it took a while and here you are.
congrats on a new beginning.
how do you like it?

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