Thursday, 17 June 2010

What if everything we wanted came to us as easy as wishing?   What if we worked hard all our lives towards something we wanted only to have outgrown it? There are secrets that lay waiting to be discovered.  They can be found in the meditative quality of one's work but they can't be forced by working harder or faster.  I can't deny that I've had some resistance to the discipline of persisting on my latest embroidery project, fearful that it would not resolve itself.

The pink heart revealed itself to me this morning.  It came as I resumed my embroidery after finishing Gabriel Garcia Marquez' autobiography, Living to Tell the Tale.  Marquez is a Colombian journalist and magic realism novelist with a self-admitted Caribbean sensibility.  The perspective he writes from in his autobiography is often touchingly (and dangerously) naive. I believe the revelation came to me because this book was still so fresh in my mind and resonated with changes in my  life.

So here is a sneak peak at the work I started almost 3 weeks ago. I see the pink heart as a message of hope, resurrection and redemption as it rises from the flames. However, it is open to interpretation; that's how it's meant to be.



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