Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Day Two. Howdy do!
What a day this has been after last night's thunderstorms: temperate and sunny and fun in the studio working on doll number three. Dear Elise Muller joined me on a break from her stone carving to sew a homemade baby blanket for one of two incoming arrivals.

I've been coming to doll art for years as the inevitable destination of my mixed media artwork. Finally, my magpie collecting bug makes sense. Linen and string and buttons, embroidery and patching and applique. There is a wonderful relief in doing what one should be doing.

Here are my 1st two dolls, recently completed. Doll number one, on the right, is a primitive little mister with a cotton string "fright wig", and there, on the left, is his red-headed sister: Buster and Lucy Lavender Legs. Oh, that's me in the middle.

Elise Muller stitching a baby blanket.


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