Monday, 28 June 2010

Quietly going about our business...

This butterfly enjoys Sweet Cicely...

These gloomy, rainy days have been so good for the plants,
incubating their goodness, like these blackberries-to-be.

Why hasn't somebody invented milkweed perfume yet?    I don't know what this shrub on the right is called, but she's lifted her skirts, leaving her sisters in the garden, and gone and planted herself in the woods.

Everything is so lush.

                                  One more peek at this month's project before the final unveiling,                             this time from the underside in all its abstract glory.  Days and days of stitchery-do.

And then we rest.
This dragonfly actually watched me as I watched him, tilting his big eyes towards me.

All of an afternoon...the flowers, the bugs, the trees, the weeds and me...we all send our wish of love and peace on earth with abundance for all on our beloved blue planet.


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