Saturday, 5 June 2010

How could I bear to be away from this post for 2 whole days? Actually, I've peeked in but wanted to have something more substantial to show you. Here are some pictures I took yesterday that were may favourites out of all the garden flower and landscape shots .

I'm always enchanted by the wild Indian Paintbrush and buttercups, daisies and pink mallow that come up in the lawn each spring so that we're not to mow until their season is over.

And how about this swallowtail butterfly in the comfrey! Heaven on earth...between the mosquitoes of course.

I love this evening shot of the angelica which will grow to over 6 feet high! So mystical and prehistoric. I will show it to you again when it comes into full bloom.

Here is a little embroidered piece in progress.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

good to see your work amongst the garden

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Yes, its sitting in the herb box that Wally planted for me!

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