Monday, 1 April 2013

a day trip to the sea

Yes, we ran away again. Yes, there was work to be done. Yes, we're grasshoppers, not ants. Yes, we say, to our new life and the opportunities available to us. YES!

It's a 45 minute drive to the Atlantic, or what is known in Nova Scotia as the South Shore.
It was, as you can see, an idyllic day.
Not too many photographs turn out from a moving car.  Oh the pictures I lost! 
Needless to say, I did a lot of editing and fine tuning today.
Too many wonderful houses were deleted, and to spare you, I have only these two out of hundreds that turned out.
I played a lot with saturation of colour today. I have not really ventured outside of natural and/or true colour on my photography, but I find I'm intrigued with the possibilities after many years of being encouraged to go forth into unknown (for me) territory.  Here is a charming seaside village we came upon in our wanderings.

Instead of all the houses I had hoped to share, it seems the sheds and out buildings were my most fortunate shots.  Just a little artistic licence here.
We found our way to a most fabulous beach filled with tiny and dinosaur sized egg-shaped stones, washed smooth by the sea and sand and each other.
Another scattering of houses by a sheltered bay.

I  love an afternoon by the beach, but I don't think I could take the incessant roaring of waves coming ashore if I were to live here.  And they do ROAR!

I'm loving the delicate tracings of these stones as they are pulled by the waves along the sand.

More sand veins.
And the waves recede.
It fascinates me that there can be farms so close to the salty air and mist.

Wonderful old sheds abound, uses for farming or boats or even cars.
The long shadows of late afternoon create an atmosphere of longing, of memories forgotten.
Another old shed, or was it a house. So many of these old buildings abound.

 And so I'll close here with this wonderful old barn, as I bring you my 1st installment of an amazing day on the South Shore. We wore the day until dark, with gorgeous, if I do say so myself, shots in Lunenburg, fairly abandoned on this Saturday night before Easter Sunday.
 I will show you these next time.
Until then, a happy unfolding into April.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

wonderful road trip
almost like I was there

love the late golden afternoon light

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Barbara. I was hoping to convey that feeling.

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