Monday, 22 April 2013

new ways of seeing

Hi again. It is a beautiful sunny day here, a little on the cool side, but that's good for walking.
Here are a few of my favourite photographs I've taken over the last week...
I enjoyed the cooing and ruffling of this pigeon as he tries to win the attention of this sleek female.
She's watching alright.

There's certainly a lot of strutting and a little confusion as to what he really wants,
 what comes next...
But isn't he a handsome boy. 
Playing again with saturation, I bumped up the colour on this
Beauty in the Rubble
a handsome iron fence that's seen better days
Another shot of this fence
a mural by my nephew Jordan Di Lella of Bob Marley painted a few years back

A magnificent fellow in a stainless steel sink
Looking out toward the Avon River basin on a rainy day
The powerful beauty of nature
same tree same day
a mermaid waif
done in pencil and paint pens while watching Jane Davenport paint a photocopied painting of her own work, reworked in paint pens, Prismacolour  pencils and acrylic hobby paint.

 Because of this online class I'm taking (see previous posts), I find it exhilarating to learn new methods and ways of using materials. I'm surprised how I enjoy working in the style of another artist and the wealth of knowledge it brings me. It's been good to expose myself to new ways of seeing. 


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