Wednesday, 3 April 2013

travelling in to Bridgewater

As promised last time, here is another excerpt from our trip to the South Shore on Easter Saturday.

red house
You will no doubt see I've done some tweaking on the colour,
but, my goodness, there is so much colour to begin with!
pretty in pink
a charming colour for this great balcony and shed dormered house
high light on this proud black and white house makes it shine
an old time country romantic

a stoney dollhouse caught on a drive-by
a toytown church with each window different

a lovely oldster's porches and gables

Like a home out of a 1940's country glamour magazine
so romantic with its overgrown apple tree out front

another country church
I enjoyed combining the slant and the car's shadow for this composition
This lovely shingled home with a heron on the front gable has the most tasteful additions
an unusual doorway/vestibule built proud of the house
with a dormer above it like one column

So many of the houses we saw were on Wally's side of the car and made horrible shots
but I couldn't resist sharing this little one with you, seaside and roadside, I love it for its subtlety.
textures galore

 a home of a different kind with more lovely textures and colour


One doesn't see these great old rocker swings around too much anymore.
Across the water as we drove to Bridgewater, this mirror image of a cottage
The waterfront at sunset presented itself like an embroidered piece of folk art
a vignette from the embroidery
Driving across the water on the bridge into... quiet on a Saturday night before Easter

a double-layered dormer on this barn-shaped house
a laneway
a handsomely painted business in town
a bookstore down for the count, another in a world of dying bookstores
a time gone by, a dream over
3 sentinels like the 3 crosses at Easter

misty mirror
stone walls stone pier

three in a row
a smokey embrace
and some fun with an island at sunset
And still our trip was not over. I still have some pictures from our twilight visit to Lunenburg, same evening as these you've just seen. Not to let the freshness of today get away on me, I will post some pictures of our outing yesterday in my next post, then follow up with Lunenburg.
As April is upon us and it has tried to snow on and off all day, let's hold spring in our hearts.



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