Thursday, 4 April 2013

these two days past

just a little catch up between showing you pictures from our trip to the south shore...
Yesterday morning out the back window, with such awesome glare
mushroom or chrysanthemum?

The drama of the sky that  morning foretold of sun and wind and snow on and off all day.
Finally I just had to go out in the bitter wind and take this shot.
Here I have darkened the exposure to show the extremes in light
The day before- Tuesday- we had opportunity for another gardening gallivant to seek out containers and organic soil, which we had great luck with.

It was also cold and wind... but not in this nursery where spring had sprung.
grape hyacinth and a tulip
more spring babies

Another of the many great old barns to be found in the Annapolis Valley where we live
a sweet horse

and a friend to share with
a good munch
Without much new to share, I thought you might enjoy this embroidery I did around Christmas
in a new "old" frame we found that I think suits it well.
Lunenburg harbour on the Saturday night before Easter next time.  It's getting harder to commit to sharing what has passed, even if it is only 5 days ago as I so want to get on with where I am today.  I enjoy taking pictures and sharing thoughts;  I was lucky to get such nice shots and I hope you will enjoy them.  But what I really want to do is be present to what is presented to me right now.
Life brings us a myriad of packages to open. One that was presented to me this morning from a dear friend was the concept of not calling herself an artist... even though she lives, at least part time,  like one. The  meaning that this word takes on in our culture is pretty much a job description and necessarily attached to its secondary purpose (or primary, depending on how one is oriented) of making money.  I understood immediately that her intention was to separate her creativity from job description because of how compromising it is to true creative impulse, something which I have been trying to find my way through for these last 4 years.  Much more daring in her creative play/work than I, yet still with a professional presence in the community, I know that her heart lays in truth, in integrity.  This is a dicey subject in a world that isolates, compartmentalizes and divides. Aligning oneself with inclusiveness, non-judgement and unity requires a whole rethink on everything we take for granted.
Words have so much power. And it's insidious when one goes deeper into it.   A while back, with the Women's Liberation Movement there was a new emphasis on using words with less  emphasis on the male influence so that the word "history" become "herstory".  Psychology jumped on the bandwagon and proclaimed:  we no longer have problems, we have "challenges".
I was once fired from a job for not typing fast enough. The company aligned themselves with a "positive mental attitude" but obviously didn't bring their positivity to me.
I have been dismissed on several occasions by mean-spirited people (who were otherwise quite nice) for not striving for "success" when, in fact, I was enormously interested in it, just not their kind.
So many words come with baggage, like "closure".
Real estate people sell "homes" not houses, as if that's possible.
I won't go on except to say that if I'm an artist, then we are all artists. Creativity abounds. Making a home, a meal, a life. And if that's the case, no need to make a distinction, except perhaps,
"What's your medium?


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