Friday, 5 April 2013

Lunenburg at Twilight

And finally last Saturday night's pictures in the amazingly picturesque town of Lunenburg.
Because it was almost dark outside and I hate to use the flash, these pictures will be a bit blurry.
But the colour, oh the colour, is so worth it as the flash would burn out these rich jewel tones.
Nor did most of my town and house shots didn't make the cut;  that was because I was obliged to take them from a moving car, Lunenburg being squeezed in at the end of our big day out.  It was only around 7 at night; if it had been summer, the streets and wharf would have still been busy with tourists. But as it was the evening before Easter Sunday, we had the whole town to ourselves.
As with most seaside towns, we've discovered the roads take a steep slant down to the sea.
a remnant of the old days when utility buildings were still covered in wood shakes.
I think this must be a fishing warehouse.
Two old dorys

Symphony by The Dory Shop
lit up by harbour lights
The Dory Shop at Dusk
mirrored mauve
Old and New juxtaposed
fishing vessels
Masts at Sunset
Ghost Ship Come to Port
 And with that, I close my third chapter of our trip to the South Shore last Saturday.
With over 600 shots taken, I put most of my creative energy into editing and refining the few dozen shots I've posted here.  I hope you got a feeling for this quaint part of the world.
Wherever you are you'll find there is beauty all around you.
One must only be present for it.


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